Our work

Our work

We take enormous pride in our work, constantly pushing ourselves to provide fresh insight and tangible value. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients, through partnership and trust.

In a world of heightened political risk, influencer activism and fake news we offer bespoke teams and tailored advisory services to help our clients meet their challenges and realise their goals. 

We combine our cutting-edge communication skills with policy area expertise and in-depth sectoral knowledge. 

Our consultants specialise in:

  • advocacy


    From government outreach and stakeholder activation to political risk and policy communications, we are skilled in case building and integrated campaigning to meet your goals and objectives

  • public relations


    From media relations and event management, to online and social media campaigns, we will get you and your message in front of your target audience

  • strategy


    From internal communications, crisis preparedness and corporate citizenship, to advocacy advertising, we can bring together all your strategic communications needs into, an integrated, seamless service

    We combine our communication know-how with in-depth sectoral knowledge and policy area expertise. From tech, to energy to healthcare, to trade and foreign policy… we not only have experience but work extremely hard to continuously understand the specifics of your world, anticipate likely challenges and identify opportunities.

    Assembling IKEA's reputation in Italy

    13 May 2019

    SEC Global support IKEA Italia Retail – which currently has 23 stores across Italy and two pop up stores  – to underline its leadership role in retail and design markets.
    SEC provide corporate communications support with a 360° approach to define strategies to address the complex set of stakeholders the brand is committed to engage. The communication programme aims both to enhance IKEA’s key role in the retail market and to promote and support its brand activism on CSR policies.
    Our work includes media strategies and campaigns, developing event formats and communication context designed to highlight IKEA’s transformation of the business, new commercial lay outs and a totally new customer experience. 
    With the management of the reputation of the IKEA brand at its core, our programme is underpinned by a carefully calibrated blend of crisis prevention and management tools, media relations, social media monitoring, stakeholder engagement activities and event organization. Like IKEA stores, SEC are open 7 days a week.


    13 May 2019

    SEC provides corporate communications across the whole Coca-Cola business in Italy, including Coca-Cola Italia and Coca-Cola HBC Italia (the main producer and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company branded products in Italy)
    We focus on delivering the local perspective of a global brand, reflecting the company’s nationwide presence and building a countrywide Italian communications footprint. SEC Global support by developing the narrative of the differentiated reality of Coca-Cola in Italy; communicating the production and community related facts together with Coca-Cola’s brand values through unique storytelling to boost the incredible reputation the brand already enjoys.
    Building on hooks based on the ongoing activity of the Companies, SEC Global’s approach has focused on communicating a sustainable and responsible presence run through innovation, investment and support of local communities. Of course always with the goal of delivering sparkling PR.


    Nestlé Group is the worldwide leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company. Nestlé Group has 447 plants in 86 countries with 339,000 employees in more than 197 countries, with daily sales of more than 1 billion products traditionally made...


    13 May 2019

    Nestlé Group is the worldwide leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company.

    Nestlé Group has 447 plants in 86 countries with 339,000 employees in more than 197 countries, with daily sales of more than 1 billion products traditionally made, according to the most advanced nutritional research in the world.

    Nestlé is active in Italy since 1975. Amongst other acquisitions they bought Perugina factory in Perusia the place where iconic chocolate Baci have been produced for nearly a century.

    SEC Gobal managed for Nestlé the change management communication and institutional relations both at national and local level, related to the reorganization and the restructuring in Italy of several plants including Perugina. SEC also managed all related employment issues.

    As part of this support, a wider crisis preparedness plan was implemented drafting different scenarios, mapping local and national stakeholders, crafting key messages, setting strategies and preparing the company’s spokesperson.

    When the restructuring began, SEC advised on the handling of related negotiation strategies, managed all media relations at national and local level as well as all institutional relations. The effort was underpinned by comprehensive media and social media monitoring.

    Despite the difficult context and a lengthy process, agreement between the Company, trade unions and government institutions for full reorganization, including early retirement schemes and other measures that reduced staff by nearly 1/3 without significant dismissals.


    Swapping old electric grids with new energy motorways and smart infrastructure to more efficiently transport, primarily renewable, energy sounds like a good news story – unless, that is, you get stuck in  “not in my backyard!” syndrome.


    13 May 2019

    Swapping old electric grids with new energy motorways and smart infrastructure to more efficiently transport, primarily renewable, energy sounds like a good news story – unless, that is, you get stuck in  “not in my backyard!” syndrome.
    SEC Global’s role was to work on a daily basis to reconcile TERNA, the national grid operator’s industrial objectives with local community concerns.
    From 2010 SEC’s role was to support TERNA, in approaching decision makers, media and communities across many Italian regions to develop the new smart grid needed.
    A continuous and drawn-out job of listening and understanding local contexts, mapping stakeholders, and engaging to provide a simple yet complete set of information on all technical, health and environmental issues related to the new grid. Local offices were opened to secure closer engagement with the local communities, while significant expertise in all related regulatory authorisation processes was developed to prevent any potential grounds for a halt to the renewal programme. 
    On the basis of the TERNA support, SEC developed a unique approach to managing local conflicts and proprietary tools for engaging and managing stakeholders.


    13 May 2019

    In Germany, children and young people of Turkish origin have an accentuated risk of becoming overweight and suffering from obesity. A large number of experts across Germany are tacklin this problem but without coordination and exchange of experience. 
    Kohl PR organized a partnership, on behalf of the client Mars Chocolate, with German Sport Youth, the Turkish Community in Germany and the Platform for Nutrition and Exercise under the name “ekip” – the Turkish expression for team. The objective was to bring together nutrition experts to foster the exchange of knowledge, to share best practice and to develop a manual for communication with the target group and for the management of workshops to promote healthy nutrition. 
    •    Development of a nationwide network of experts 
    •    Establishment of contacts between experts and politicians
    •    Increased awareness of the problem among politicians
    •    Meeting of 30 experts in Berlin
    •    Dedicated meeting between experts and politicians
    •    Development of a website with all relevant information
    •    Development of a toolbox with best practice, advice and contacts

    Mineral water, please

    13 May 2019

    Mineral water producers in Germany are under increasing pressure from tap water, which costs almost nothing and is of high quality. The main goal of the campaign was to increase awareness of mineral water in gastronomy and the hotel business in order to boost sales in the sector. Kohl PR organized partnerships with the Association of Beverage Wholesalers and with the German Hotel and Restaurant Federation which supported the campaign. The campaign consisted of 
    •    Organization of training courses and workshops for management and employees in gastronomy, where they received information about successful mineral water marketing
    •    Development of a brochure about how to successfully offer mineral water in gastronomy
    •    Development of a landing page for the target group
    •    Media relations to trade media 
    •    Media relations to consumer media in order to boost the demand for mineral water in restaurants and hotels
    •    Total circulation (online and print) 207 million


    13 May 2019

    The number of people requiring long-term care and, with it, the number of carers continues to increase worldwide. Nonetheless, family carers and their needs are all too often still not properly acknowledged by society. Additionally, many carers are often not aware of the challenges they are facing daily and the toll this can have on their own health. Kohl PR adapted the worldwide awareness campaign “Embracing Carers” for Germany. In order to raise awareness for the needs of family carers and to make carers more self-aware of their own challenging role, the following measures were taken: 
    •    Media relations with special interest and public media
    •    Building of individual contacts with relevant journalists
    •    Adaptation of an international carer report for Germany; development of the press release and marketing of the report
    •    Creation/adaptation of a carer questionnaire for direct communication with family carers to increase self-awareness, development of a press release and marketing 
    •    Finding and coordination of German testimonials for a case study, social media postings and background report to be included on the international website
    •    Development of content/texts for the German subpage on the international website

    Proactive defence of aluminium production

    13 May 2019

    Altéo Alumina runs the world leading production plan of alumina, in the Gardanne region in France. In accordance with the European and French environmental requirements and the commitments of the company, Alteo presented a new solution to meet environmental requirements and improve the quality of its discharges into the sea.
    Fierce local opposition challenged the approval of the management waste solution of Alteo on the grounds of environmental and health risks.
    Clai Communications – SEC Global was hired to implement a national and local influence strategy to gain acceptance of the chosen solution by Alteo to manage process water, from permitting to community relations management.
    The strategic turning point was the decision to open up broad and transparent dialogue with the local community in order to address their concerns directly. 
    Key stakeholders were approached and were given detailed third party verified information on the quality of the extensive anti-pollution treatment of the waste waters before discharge.
    Media were also proactively contacted and provided detailed information on all the technical details of the new development, which supported the community in taking an informed decision.
    As a result, the waste management solution chosen by Alteo was authorised, which enabled the company to invest in further environmental improvement activities.


    13 May 2019

    Walt Disney Company France sought Clai – SEC Global’s advice to establish a brand new comprehensive digital and multimedia environment for its external communication.
    The challenge was to keep a strong link to previous versions of the company’s digital identity while establishing a totally new and more powerful platform- with a strong focus on multimedia, social media and interaction.
    Along with a detailed phase of assessment to identify the best mix that matched both company and brand culture, an in-depth process of engagement with the employees was put in place.
    A new digital culture at all levels of staff level was identified as a crucial element in creating a backbone for the collective transition into a new digital era.
    Particular attention was also put into storytelling and developing a credible and appealing narrative to comprehensively deliver Walt Disney Company’s efforts in CSR and sustainability.
    The suite of new media tools (web site, apps, social media profiles, games sections etc) were first presented to the media and then to the communities of fans/customers. 
    An employee advocacy programm was launched in order to promote the company social media. During different events such as “Disney, tous en forme” or Partners Meeting, employees were huge ambassadors. 

    Acting for growth: reform of capital taxation in France

    13 May 2019

    ANSA, the National association of limited companies, challenged CLAI– SEC Global to work on the highly sensitive and potentially conflictual issue of reducing taxation schemes on capital and shareholding gains to promote growth in a country that has one of the strictest fiscal regimes in Europe.
    The strategy needed to avoid raising social and political scrutiny of companies, while emphasizing the need to support economic development through a sustainable tax reform to match and take advantage of the economic recovery in France.
    A robust proposal for reform was developed, engaging the widest panel of stakeholders from industry, economists, lawyers, other experts.
    “Act urgently for growth” was the claim and concept that underpinned the campaign.
    With a mixed communication campaign (media, events, social media, position papers,etc.) aimed at delivering the “boosting growth” concept was launched in support of direct lobbying activities designed to engage policy makers on the key elements of several proposal: elimination of wealth tax, flat tax on gains and dividends.
    The campaign finally opened the gates to frank and positive dialogue with the newly established Macron government and led to structural reforms in order to have a more competitive taxation scheme in France.


    13 May 2019

    National Accident Helpline is the UK’s leading provider of personal injury advice, services and support – providing marketing services to 50 of the country’s largest specialist personal injury law firms. In the context of a sector which can be viewed negatively as a result of many firms cold calling, texting and emailing potential customers, Newington-SEC Global was tasked with creating a campaign that built on National Accident Helpline’s existing work on ethical marketing and took ownership of the issue.

    We worked with National Accident Helpline to launch an ethical marketing charter which condemned the use of cold calling, texting and emailing across the sector and compelled other organisations to commit to not contacting potential customers through unsolicited means. 

    The Government introduced legislation which banned claims management companies from cold calling consumers when they do not have consent.  The ethical marketing charter secured more than 70 signatories in its first year, including leading law firms, industry bodies and parliamentarians.

    Delivering new energy

    13 May 2019

    Landsvirkjun was considering investment in an interconnector cable to export Iceland’s excess geothermal and hydroelectric electricity to the UK.  Success of the project would depend on understanding and working with the grain of political attitudes and public policy.
    Newington kept Landsvirkjun up to date with political and policy developments at a national and European-level and increased positive awareness of the project among relevant UK and EU politicians, officials and wider influencers. We worked with the Landsvirkjun team to highlight the contribution the project could make to the UK and wider European energy markets, the benefits for billpayers and energy security, and the project’s potentially important role in both the UK government’s and EU’s long-term energy strategies.

    Our engagement programme raised levels of awareness and support for the project among energy officials in Whitehall and Brussels. Understanding of the project and appreciation of its benefits, in fact, increased among energy stakeholders.

    Promoting British Takeaway

    13 May 2019

    What space to represent a multi colour and very segmented industry such as the take away one? When it comes to lobby a minimum level of representation is needed to tackle and win the influence building game.
    Our strategy saw us build a new membership organisation, known as the British Takeaway Campaign, from scratch and create an evidence base to develop detailed policy positions and wider collateral which were used as hooks to engage with politicians and the media that were used as a powerful amplifier of the industry’s positions.

    As a result of our efforts, the British Takeaway Campaign has 16 trade association and cuisine member organisations spanning the breadth of the industry, and the professional report quantifying the economic value of the industry has led to a growing profile within the sector and among government and parliamentarians. 

    The BTC is now working with the Department for Education on the new Catering and Hospitability T-level and the Department of Health on its public health proposals. 

    A new era in EU-Morocco trade relations

    13 May 2019

    Cambre were hired to help shepherd re-negotiated EU-Morocco trade agreements through a highly polarised European Parliament that needed to give its consent to the new accords.
    Cambre developed a strategy to activate the silent majority, focused on ensuring that the perspective of local businesses and communities was heard by elected EU officials. The strategy included:
    1.    Crafting a narrative based on the real lives of local people, widening the debate by showing all the benefits of trade for citizens on all sides of the negotiation.
    2.    Bringing this message to the European Parliament through a multichannel public affairs approach including: meetings, debates, petitions, media relations, video and advocacy advertising
    3.    Informing and mobilising key “influencer” political supporters, to create and activate champions at all levels of the European Parliament.
    The International agreements were approved by the European Parliament in early 2019 and open the way for a deeper and stronger EU-Morocco future partnership. A political conversation based on facts, local economic realities and personal, practical experiences, was initiated, resulting in a wider, more balanced and enriched debate.

    Boosting the profile of the software sector

    13 May 2019

    When BSA hired Cambre the larger objective of the strategy was the greater influence of the software industry, positioning it as a thought leader, boosting its ability to help shape EU public policy debate.

    Cambre’s strategy was first to strengthen BSA’s existing position by protecting, refining and expanding its reputation as a leader in data flows and transatlantic digital issues. Second, we helped it occupy new spaces, branching out into key target sectors (e.g. transport, energy, or trade), showcasing BSA’s and software’s growing sphere of influence and aiming for increased visibility.

    We helped refine and amplify BSA’s messaging towards top-tier media based in Brussels and key European capitals - and consequently towards policymakers and industry leaders. BSA coverage in European media rose by more than 50% in 2017 compared to 2016 . This positioned President and CEO Victoria Espinel and Thomas Boué, Director General, Policy – EMEA, as go-to spokespeople for software in European media with hits in the Financial Times, the BBC, Reuters and more.


    13 May 2019

    CES-Silicones Europe requested Cambre’s support to profile themselves positively towards European policy-makers and stakeholders, and to communicate the benefits and added value of silicones.
    To demonstrate the positive impact of silicones in our daily lives, Cambre rolled out a digital-focused campaign, anchored by a four-part mini-video documentary series.  Emphasis was given to silicones as essential "enablers" tackling key societal challenges and responding to technological need and performance requirements across a range of sectors: healthcare, energy, construction and technology. 
    The campaign reached key target audiences across the value chain and  the policymaking community. The videos have been viewed a large number of times and website traffic has increased (by a sustained 28% over time, and by around 300% for the first promotional period). The campaign gained over 5 million impressions in EU media.


    We work for clients big and small: from established multinational leaders to start-up market disruptors; from international industry federations to local chambers of commerce; from national governments to community based civil society organisations. We support our clients locally, nationally and internationally with activities ranging from targeted projects to multi-market campaigns. A selection of our clients is provided below:

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