Chaque mois, CLAI, partner de SEC Global en France, prend la parole sur une actualité et la manière dont elle est traitée sur le plan de la communication. Ce sont «Nos Regards Sur».


20 May 2019

Chaque mois, CLAI, partner de SEC Global en France, prend la parole sur une actualité et la manière dont elle est traitée sur le plan de la communication. Ce sont «Nos Regards Sur». 

Vous trouverez ici le dernier d'entre eux concernant la sortie du Grand Débat National. 

Vous pouvez consulter ici l’intégralité de Nos Regards sur.


20 May 2019

If the merger will occur a multinational Group in the global communication scenario will operate with scale and synergies

The Boards of Porta Communications Plc and SEC S.p.A – both listed at London Stock Exchange’s AIM Segment – announced on April 10 that they have entered into discussions concerning a potential all-share merger of the two companies. At this early stage it cannot be predicted if a binding offer will be presented and if this offer will be accepted by Porta’s shareholders.

The Potential Merger would create a strategic communications company of scale with offices in key markets across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, APAC and South America. The benefits could include:

Complementary geographic networks with very limited crossover
The scale and capacity to extend the international network to strategic markets such as the US and additional markets in Asia
The roll-out of proprietary new market research and communications product offerings across the enlarged group’s footprint
Synergies and reduced head office costs relating to a combined listed entity
A strengthened Balance Sheet for the combined group
An expanded shareholder base.
Fiorenzo Tagliabue, Chief Executive Officer of SEC, and Porta’s Deputy Chairman, said “the merger of Porta and SEC would allow both entities to compete for business in international markets supported by a joint focus on the roll-out of proprietary new market research and communication products”.

The merging will eventually occur through a swap of shares plus a 1 million worth loan from SEC to Porta that – in accepted – will be converted into ordinary shares of Porta. The conversion of the SEC Loan is capped such that the issue of new Porta ordinary shares to SEC, together with SEC’s current interests in Porta of 16.9 per cent. of the current issued share capital, will not exceed 29.99 per cent. of the enlarged share capital of Porta. If there has been no Conversion, the Company shall pay any outstanding debt under the SEC Loan to SEC on 30 June 2020.

SEC is required, by not later than 5.00 p.m. (London time) on 7 May 2019, being 28 days after today’s date, to either announce a firm intention to make an offer to merge in accordance with Rule 2.7 of the Code or announce that it does not intend to make an offer.


The acquisition means SEC Global now operates in all Europe’s key markets, boosting further international developments and strengthen the Group’s distinctive business model of building a network of communications entrepreneurs worldwide.


20 May 2019

The acquisition means SEC Global now operates in all Europe’s key markets, boosting further international developments and strengthen the Group’s distinctive business model of building a network of communications entrepreneurs worldwide


20 of November 2018 SEC S.p.A. Acquisition of shareholding in CLAI, société par actions simplifiée.

SEC S.p.A. ("SEC" or the "Company"), the largest independent advocacy, public relations and integrated communications agency in the Italian market, and one of the key players in Europe announces the closing (signed in Paris on November 20th) of an agreement to acquire the majority shareholding in CLAI, société par actions simplifiée (“CLAI”) (the "Acquisition") in line with its stated acquisition strategy and specifically referred to in the Admission document dated 20 July 2016.


The initial consideration, for an initial 10%, with attached voting rights of 50,01%, of the issued share capital of CLAI, comprises a completion cash payment of € 405,185.76 and a further cash payment of € 84,849.05.


Under the terms of the Acquisition, SEC will make two further cash payments of deferred consideration through an earn-out mechanism linked to CLAI's EBITDA over subsequent financial years ending on 31 March 2023 or on 31 March 2025.


CLAI has a strong track record in public and corporate affairs at local and national level. The award-winning agency was founded by well-known professional Eric Giuily, who was educated at France’s Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) and is a former Global Head of Publicis Consultants as well as  CEO of various companies in transportation and media sectors. CLAI has grown over the past decade into an organization of more than 25 consultants.


The agency’s specialist consultants offer a broad portfolio of services, including intelligence-gathering, communication strategies, public affairs, community relations, financial communications, media relations and social media, brand management, internal communications, media training and coaching to  companies  public institutions across a diverse range of sectors.


In the year ended 31 December 2017 CLAI's turnover was € 4,491,206 (audited ) and made a profit before tax of  € 551.199 (audited ).


Existing management and partners, who remain shareholders , will continue to run the business, retaining the values, culture and ethos for which CLAI is known.


This is in line with the SEC strategy of building a partnership of management-run consultancies which are encouraged to retain their differentiating characteristics from the competition as opposed to a network of agencies which lose their identity when taken over by a larger multinational.


As part of the SEC Group, CLAI will have the necessary scale to continue to build its business at a local, regional, national and international level. It will benefit from all available synergies and the central SEC team to promote the Group services towards large Global corporations. Through the continued expansion of the Group footprint, SEC  will expand its reach in Europe and into the Americas, Asia and Africa.


Eric Giuily and Elisabeth Coutureau, directors of CLAI, will retain their roles leading CLAI, and will join the SEC Group Management Committee, comprising all the managing directors of SEC companies and chaired by Tom Parker, Chairman of Cambre Associates, the Brussels-based agency focused on European advocacy and communications.


Eric Giuily, President de CLAI, said :

"On the eve of our tenth anniversary, the agreement with SEC will enable us to gain access to an international network, whose expansion over the past five years has been remarkable and promising, in order to boost our development and expand the service base to our clients. This is a crucial step for our firm that will gain us long-term sustainability." 


Fiorenzo Tagliabue, President de SEC, said:

"The agreement with CLAI marks an important step in the development of our network. We operate in all Europe’s key markets - London, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Brussels, Warsaw and now Paris - while continuing our expansion in North and South America, the Middle East and Asia. Our growth is based on the integration within the network of independent agencies managed by their founders in order to best meet the specificities of each market and to keep the entrepreneurial spirit that is the key to success in our business. We are confident that CLAI, under the leadership of Eric Giuily, its president, and Elisabeth Coutureau, its co-president, supported by 5 associates and 22 staff, will quickly add significant contribution to our network.”



CLAI advises its clients, companies and public institutions in two essential dimensions of their performance: promoting and protecting their image. Because the prescription and recommendation of a peer always trumps the issuer's communication, CLAI helps its clients generate shared commitment around their corporate brand through Corporate Advocacy®.
CLAI has around 30 employees and uses a network of expert partners. CLAI was elected Corporate Communication Agency of the Year in 2012 and 2014 and Influence Communication Agency in 2017. Its teams have also been awarded two Silver Top Com, in 2013 for Mastercard in the Public Relations category and in 2016 as part of a mission on the SPIE brand.


SEC ( - - Twitter: @sec­_rp – LinkedIn:

SEC spa is an advocacy, public relations, media and strategy consulting network headquartered in Milan. It operates throughout Italy and the main European markets (Berlin, Brussels, London, Madrid, Warsaw), Latin America and, through partner companies, in the Middle East, Asia and Australia.
Established in 1989, SEC is a leader in the Italian market. It specializes in lobbying, corporate communication, crisis management and sensitive situations, promoting brands and products, creation, visual and digital PR.
Listed on the London Stock Exchange (alternative market) since July 2016, it operates in the most diverse sectors, from health to real estate, from energy to chemicals, from transport and logistics to infrastructure, finance to agribusiness and heavy industry.
More than 250 specialists in the different entities of the network are mobilized to provide their clients with bespoke services and strategic advice to the best market standards while ensuring sufficient flexibility to ensure the most efficient service for each client.


20 May 2019

From July 1 SEC Group nominated Tom Parker, formerly the CEO of Brussels subsidiary Cambre Associates, as Group Chief Sales Officer, a new position created to foster new business efforts and focus at global level.

“It was time – Fiorenzo Tagliabue the Group Ceo stated – that the Group created a new central function to support our expansion and internationalization from a marketing and commercial perspective. We are delighted that Tom has agreed to lead in this role”.

The remit and responsibilities of the new commercial and marketing function are such  that it will be supported from the very beginning by another senior manager from the SEC Group, Maurizio Maione who has been in charge of the Group’s international activities to date. The function has dedicated resources to fulfil its priority tasks of refreshing the  SEC global offer and USP of the network, while targeting international prospects and supporting international expansion. In parallel, the team will work on developing a new set of l tools and services in order to deliver to the Group’s unique offer and vision.

“We are privileged – Tagliabue added – that an internal solution could be found to respond to this important milestone in our development. It enables us to be hit the ground running with nearly no warm up or induction to the Group needed, since the two senior officers know well the Group, its vision and its distinctive business model”.

Tom Parker has left his post of Ceo at Cambre and Associates to Victoria Main, an experienced member of the senior team who joined the consultancy in 2014. Parker will continue to support Cambre’s new management team as the new President of the operation.

“I wish Tom good luck – Fiorenzo Tagliabue said - and I am confident they will have a positive impact in boosting our commercial reach, helping SEC make further inroads  in the extremely competitive arena of multinational communications and advisory brands. A market where, for EU related issues Cambre, thanks to Victoria’s energy and focus, will play an even more pivotal role”.

The newly created function will report on a day to day basis to the Group Ceo and will work closely with the SEC Management Committee, which will guide the evolution and implementation of the new function during its quarterly sessions.


20 May 2019

SEC Group partner agency based in Warsaw, Martis Consulting, presented at Warsaw Stock Exchange the findings of the first ever survey to assess how listed companies handle investor relations and financial communications pracitces across 5 European markets: France, Germany, Poland, Spain and UK.

50 listed companies where asked and checked abuot 4 key domains of IR practice and financial communications:

- contents available on the corporate web site

- timing for replying to media/investors enquiries

- scope and extension of communication practices

- media relations activities.

The output is, indeed, a pretty good insight on a sensitive and even more complex sector of PR practice given the rising interest of the public and new regulations aiming for an higher degree of transparency.

The results are somehow surprising, as for the leadership of Polish companies against the average of the sample and draft a global picture with some lights and shadows altogether. In general the research of engagement of stakeholders through an open dialogue and timing and transparent information still needs to be really executed. In particular the areas where a strong move forward is urgently needed seemed to be the quality and amount of information available on the corporate web site (particularly UK companies tends not to deliver basic information on the shareholders on the web platform), the amount of time needed to give feedbacks to enquiries (namely Spanish companies showed a somehow low reaction time) and a certain habit of containing financial information only to the quarterly schedule, lacking in continuity.

“I believe – Fiorenzo Tagliabue SEC Group CEO – the effects of the digital revolution will also impact the soft and closed rooms of financial comms sooner or later, especially in rising the attention of those involved in managing sensitive information towards reputation and perception from the public, every day turning into a key non financial asset to be managed correctly”.

This study, run by Martis Consulting professionals of the fincomms team and supported by Polish University Warsaw School of Economics is a new addition to the traditional work of survey and research the agency is used to produce to support its leadership in corporate and financial communication practices in the Polish market.


20 May 2019

In an increasing competitive scenario global PR firms operating in the reputation management and advocacy sectors are called to foster their networking abilities and to strength their access to the highest level of insight and analysis on policy making and economics.

This consideration led Italian Global PR Group SEC to borrow from the legal field the figure of the “of counsel”, a professional at a very senior partner level supporting the operations and business development tackling specific tasks and subjects.

In this framework SEC launched a selection campaign aiming at securing the professional and advisor support of external experts who have been since recent times at the forefront of politics, economics and social life. The of counsels will be supporting SEC operations across the world when projects, clients and contexts will require an extra effort to bring sensitive and very senior understanding. At the same time the senior advisors might co-operate with the Group in the development of specific business areas.

The first appointment comes with Mr Mario Mauro, a former Ministry of Defence in the Italian Government from 2013 to 2014 under the presidency of Enrico Letta, until last elections e member of the Senate and a long term European MP serving at Strasbourg for three mandates from 1999 to 2013 being nominated as one of the Vice Presidents of the European Institution (see detailed bio for further info).

Fiorenzo Tagliabue – the Group CEO – commenting the first hire of SEC of counsel team Mario Mauro declared “it is paramount for us to expand our insight and analytical powers in all key sectors since the market is always seeking for added value service that only relies on knowledge, relations and innovation. With the of counsel plan we are tackling both the knowledge and relations issues with a first hire of outstanding absolute value such as Mr Mauro whose career and experience in politics spans from European Institutions to national government”.

“I wish to give Mario Mauro – Tagliabue adds – a very warm welcome and I am sure we will all take advantage from his experience as a Group”.

SEC will be soon implementing the of counsel list introducing other senior advisors with a similar profile.


20 May 2019

Cambre Associates has just launched its EUssentials smartphone application, completely revamped and vastly improved.

The new release is bigger, better looking, easier to use and with tons of real-time information, notifications in real time, contact details, social media accounts and responsibilities for all MEPs as well as all Commissioners’ contacts and those of their cabinets. It also includes the contacts of all Commission spokespeople, the list of EU presidencies until 2030 and who to contact. 


20 May 2019

For the second year in a row, Mark Glover entered the listing of UK's most influential lobbying practitioners: a clear evidence of what we call highest professional standards and consistent professionalism. Congratulations to Mark and to Muniya Barua as well, head of corporate affairs in Newington for the first time in the Power Book, and to all Newington Communications.


SEC to acquire 51% of Colombia’s leading Corporate communications and Public Affairs agency Newlink Comunicaciones Estratégicas SAS’s capital shares. Fiorenzo Tagliabue: “This is a strategic move ahead of SEC Group expansion in the Continent”


20 May 2019

SEC SpA acquired the majority shareholding (51%) of Bogotà based Newlink Comunicaciones Estratégicas SAS, which is the second advocacy and PR agency in the Colombian market.

The deal, which is worth about 2 millions €, is based on a 4 year earn out scheme, with the final price to be determined on completing established increase of the EBIDTA aligned to a forecasted yearly increase of 12,5%.

Under the agreement it is also foreseen, after 5 years, for Newlink minority shareholders the put option for the remaining 49% of the shares. In this case shares will be paid with a mixed system: 50% of their value in cash and the remaining 50% through an exchange scheme with SEC SpA’s shares.

Newlink Comunicaciones Estratégicas SAS claims a leading positioning in corporate communications, Public affairs and Marketing communications markets in Colombia with a portfolio that includes reference brands in different industries such as, among others, CocaCola, Ford Foundation, Adidas, Sanofi, BAT (British American Tobacco), MichaelPage, Amgen, Colmena, Aldea.

Newlink turnover in 2016 has been 2,8 millions Euro that generated an EBITDA of up to nearly 250.000 Euro.

Minority shareholders will keep the management and operations of Newlink Comunicaciones Estratégicas allowing continuity to keep the momentum that led Newlink to the present leading position. This aspect is fully aligned with SEC strategic focus that is not to simply build a network of agencies rather than to create a strategic alliance amongst entrepreneurs who jointly shares a common development project.

María Claudia De Francisco Zambrano and Rafael Mora will consequently keep their role of Managing Partners in Newlink while joining at the same time the SEC Group Management Committee, the governing body where all the agencies CEOs share decision making under the presidency of Tom Parker, Ceo of Cambre and Associates, the Brussels based Advocacy and Public Affairs with an EU focus agency of the SEC Group.

“We are very satisfied” Fiorenzo Tagliabue, SEC’s CEO stated “because thanks to this acquisition we are now able to look after a market of huge interest and potentials where European Groups are operating and planning significant investment”. “This further step” – Fiorenzo Tagliabue added – “is also a dramatic move in our expansion project through Latin America, a Region and a market that are getting more and more credibility and relevance at international level. Bogotà will turn into our hub to plan our next steps and further investments throughout South America”.

“This operation” Tagliabue wrapped up “that comes after last year deals in Europe Middle and Far East and Australia, allows our project to gain consistency for the investors according to the plans we presented to financial communities when lauching our IPO at AIM in LSE on July 201”.